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Mental Health and Wellbeing is for dogs too.

In these days of lockdown, we constantly hear about how the mental health of us humans can be affected. Have you thought how many of our dogs live their lives all the time? Eight-week-old puppies deprived company, many older dogs … Continue reading

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Scared of the Car. Will he ‘just get used to it?’. Maybe. Maybe not.

YOUR PUPPY (OR DOG) IS SCARED IN THE CAR This could be due to motion sickness, to fear or to both. If the dog feels ill each time he travels, then that is enough to make him fearful of getting … Continue reading

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Shameless anthropomorphism – and why not?

Well, the only reason I can see for avoiding anthropomorphism is it’s impossible to spell. Wikipedia says: Anthropomorphism is the attribution of human traits, emotions, or intentions to non-human entities. For me, in my dog behaviour work, I am teaching dog owners who mostly … Continue reading

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You may have seen the annual UK survival reality TV game show, I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here’, where 12 celebrities live together in a jungle environment for a number of weeks. The contestants in past years before … Continue reading

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Fear of Men – Why are some dogs more wary of men?

Dogs can be more intimidated by men. Some people, for instance, assume that their rescue dog has been hit by a man, but this is probably not so. There are much more likely reasons. People in the training and behaviour … Continue reading

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A Second Fear Period?

Few dog owners I meet know that there is a first fear period. Even fewer know about a second one. It’s easier to pinpoint the first ‘Fear Imprint Period’ – some say between eight and thirteen weeks, others as small a … Continue reading

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Quick Fix or Never Fix

My ‘Pawses’ are sometimes about something that is bugging me. Almost always when someone first calls me for help, they hope the matter will be resolved in a couple of weeks. They have tried everything they can think of for themselves, watched TV … Continue reading

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But What About the Other Dogs?

Boundary barking – why not? The dog rushes from gate to gate and tears along the fence, barking ferociously at passers-by and their dogs, no doubt believing his barking chases them away. Such frequent and needless high arousal can’t be good for him. But … Continue reading

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German Shepherds that Bark at Visitors

It’s not exclusively German Shepherds of course. However, a large proportion of the GSDs I go to are not happy when someone enters their house or especially the room that they are in – and a large number of dogs with this … Continue reading

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Barking Dogs and Trilby Hats

Isn’t feeding a dog whilst he’s barking not rewarding him for barking? The Jack Russell was brought to the front door, straining and choking on his lead, barking and gasping. He was clearly very upset about someone coming into his … Continue reading

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