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Worshipping the God of Exercise Walks

Many dog owners worship the God of Long Exercise Walks, convinced that the more exercise he has the better their dog will be in all respects. I confess to being a bit of a heretic. Surely the best, most fulfilling and natural kind of … Continue reading

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Plastic Plastic Everywhere

My German Shepherd Milly had a sore-looking split in her nose all last winter. Its fine now, but on looking up on the internet why this might be and what I could do this winter, it led me down a different track (I’m sure … Continue reading

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Remote Control for Dogs

Now that would be a money-making invention! I have a bee in my bonnet about dogs coming when called. My own dogs aren’t particularly ‘well-trained’ in terms of tricks and cues, but coming to me when I want them and coming away from … Continue reading

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