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But What About the Other Dogs?

Boundary barking – why not? The dog rushes from gate to gate and tears along the fence, barking ferociously at passers-by and their dogs, no doubt believing his barking chases them away. Such frequent and needless high arousal can’t be good for him. But … Continue reading

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Food For Thought

Do some people see removing their dog’s ‘running buffet’ as a form of cruelty, I wonder? The dog may not now like having fixed times when he can eat and his humans may like it even less. But it can be a necessary evil. There … Continue reading

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Slow Right Down and See What Happens

Today while my own four dogs were anticipating a possible outing with some excitement, I tried a very simple experiment on influencing their behaviour. Five whole minutes of moving VEEEERRY SLOOOOOOOW MOTION. Like a robot. Like a video played very slow speed. … Continue reading

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