TV – Do our dogs love it or do they endure it?

To take this photograph I have been searching for a football match on TV – a first!

Many of the people I visit have their TVs on all the time, whether or not they are watching anything.  They leave television on ‘for the dogs’ when they go out.

I myself live with someone whose hearing is not as good as my own and who has different tastes to myself. I find it impossible to concentrate on what I am doing with the noise of football crowds yelling beside me or a background of shouting and shooting from an old movie (I accept that many people would feel the same with opera or heavy metal).

Unwanted TV, or any TV too loud (apart, for me, from rock group Queen!) makes me irritable and can give me a headache.

How then must it be for dogs who have to put up with the constant noise in their much more sensitive ears – noise that can be of little or no interest to them?

In addition, to quote Samsung: ‘All electronics will create a slight hum, buzz, or whistle during operation or standby. Depending on how pitch sensitive your ears are you may hear this noise.’

Food for thought?

In order to de-stress our dogs we naturally think of what we can ADD. Add a plug-in to the room, add Zylkene or Valerian to the dogs diet, put on a Thundershirt, add TV or radio when we are out and so on. Should we not also be considering what we could be REMOVING?

Turning off TV, turning electronics off instead of leaving on stand-by, removing the batteries from automatic fresh air dispensers, removing chemicals and perfumed cleaning products… there must be many things.

Turning the power off at the mains for half an hour may be an interesting experiment if we have a highly stressed dog (okay, we will need to re-set time clocks, but it would be worth the effort surely).




About Theo Stewart

I am a dog Behaviourist C.C.B (Certified Canine Behaviourist) INTODogs). I have helped over 3000 dog owners over eighteen years. In addition to online consultations all over the world, I cover Beds, Herts, Cambs and Bucks for home visits. A 'Victoria Stilwell' Positively Dog Trainer (VSPDT) and a full member of the IMDT. Graduate ISCP, International School for Canine Practitioners. My main site:
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3 Responses to TV – Do our dogs love it or do they endure it?

  1. Sharon says:

    Interesting idea and I think you might be right, I have to confess I have been guilty of turning on the tv for the cats and the dog if I am going out but to be honest I don’t think the cats particularly care and the dog well my hope is that familiar sounding voices might be some comfort but the reality is it is probably no comfort at all. I do try to select something a little more soothing than football though. Food for thought thank you.


  2. Lyn says:

    Good point, and not one I had considered in any detail. Sad to say I’m one of those who likes TV or radio on for much of the time


  3. If we’re going out and have to leave the dog at home, I switch the TV to the easy-listening music channel (all instrumental) and turn the volume way down (to about “7”). I, too, hate loud anything. If the weather permits, I usually take the dog out in the yard for some fresh air and a game of “keep away/catch me if you can”


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