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The Bubble

“Don’t run about because it makes Alfie excited.” “Don’t wave your arms because it makes it makes Alfie jump up.” “Don’t chase Alfie when he’s got one of your toys.” “Don’t fuss Alfie when he’s in his bed. Don’t go near Alfie while … Continue reading

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You Scratch My Back and I’ll Scratch Yours

An exchange today on Facebook about a dog that wouldn’t come back when called got me thinking. Not coming when called is not usually only about ‘training’ as such. Boris knows very well what ‘Come’ means but chooses to do something else … Continue reading

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Dogs Back Then…..and Now

I don’t remember, back in about 1954 (I was ten), ever seeing a dog on lead. I don’t actually remember seeing many dogs at all. My brother, my friends and I would also be free to walk or cycle around the roads … Continue reading

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