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Education, Education, Education

While I was being interviewed by a radio station this morning about a child who had had his thumb bitten off by a Staffie, it got me thinking about the importance of educating people – both owners and children in general … Continue reading

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Why Pick on the Pit Bull?

It’s because the dog doesn’t measure up. The Pit Bull isn’t a breed anyway. A DNA test won’t prove ‘Pit Bull’. It’s a type based purely on physical measurements. Why pick on the Pit Bull? There are other breeds whose physique allows them to do … Continue reading

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The law really is an ass sometimes

When I was a child we used to say ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me’.  Rather a stupid saying really because words can hurt, but we knew what we meant. However, taken literally, … Continue reading

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Racing Greyhounds – how can this still be happening in 2014?

“Greyhound racing is a self-regulating gambling business that depends on the uncontrolled breeding and unaccountable disappearance of thousands of dogs every year. That is a situation that is unacceptable and indefensible,”  says actress Annette Crosbie OBE The Greyhound racing industry … Continue reading

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