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How do we ‘Socialise’ our puppies whilst either in lock-down or social distancing?

Could we perhaps, by looking at things a bit differently, turn this situation into an advantage? Two words: Habituate and Socialise Habituate means ‘make or become accustomed or used to something’. Socialise means ‘mixing sociably with others’. They both take … Continue reading

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Habituation and Desensitisation. The Difference?

This blog takes me back to my original reason for my Pawses, to mull over things that give me pause for thought. A short while ago I described in a professional Facebook group about how I had stopped my dog Pickle barking … Continue reading

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German Shepherds that Bark at Visitors

It’s not exclusively German Shepherds of course. However, a large proportion of the GSDs I go to are not happy when someone enters their house or especially the room that they are in – and a large number of dogs with this … Continue reading

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Preparedness for Life. Just Imagine.

A lot of problems we have with our dogs just wouldn’t exist if stuff was constantly happening around them all the time, would it. ‘Sudden’ is the problem. Dogs’ senses are so finely tuned. In a quiet house down a … Continue reading

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