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‘To Do or Not To Do, That is the Question’

Am I right in thinking that trainers are mostly called upon when people want their dogs to learn to DO things – to sit, stay, come, learn manners and so on? It seems people like myself who call themselves behaviour … Continue reading

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Fake Dogs – are Dogs Fooled?

The answer seems to be ‘Yes’. I started thinking about this again yesterday when the girl who served me at Pets at Home told me she had recently done her thesis at Lincoln University on that very subject. She was … Continue reading

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To Harness or to Quell the Dog’s Eagerness?

Something yesterday gave me pause for thought. Here is a familiar story. The person opens the front door and the dog springs forward, dragging them down the drive to the nearest car or bush under which there may be lurking … Continue reading

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Barking Dogs and Trilby Hats

Isn’t feeding a dog whilst he’s barking not rewarding him for barking? The Jack Russell was brought to the front door, straining and choking on his lead, barking and gasping. He was clearly very upset about someone coming into his … Continue reading

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