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Exercise – Is it Always a Good Thing?

Recently I had an unresolved discussion with a couple of dog trainers about a chronically stressed small dog and they suggested that he needed more exercise and more training – agility perhaps. My view is that the dog’s stress levels … Continue reading

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The Bond – The invisible umbilical between us and our dogs

The emotional connection between a human and a dog can be incredibly strong. Dr. Karen DeBraal talks of emotional contagion, based on a recent study published in the journal Applied Animal Behaviour Science Emotional contagion in dogs as measured by … Continue reading

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Brain Damage – It’s not me, it’s a problem with my dog’s brain.

The problem with your reactive dog may actually be not only behavioural but a problem with his brain. You think you must have done something wrong, because why else would your dog have so many problems? Sometimes this is simply … Continue reading

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