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Stubborn Dog? Dogged Dog?

A recent exchange on Facebook got me thinking. It was in response to this picture. This was how the posts started: First response: ‘Total rubbish, if a dog is intelligent enough to know what you ask of it, it has … Continue reading

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The Bubble

“Don’t run about because it makes Alfie excited.” “Don’t wave your arms because it makes it makes Alfie jump up.” “Don’t chase Alfie when he’s got one of your toys.” “Don’t fuss Alfie when he’s in his bed. Don’t go near Alfie while … Continue reading

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Remote Control for Dogs

Now that would be a money-making invention! I have a bee in my bonnet about dogs coming when called. My own dogs aren’t particularly ‘well-trained’ in terms of tricks and cues, but coming to me when I want them and coming away from … Continue reading

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