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Do All Dogs Want to be Wiped with Human Scent?

We know that many dogs don’t much like being touched people they don’t know – particularly down their backs. Many will back away or just put up with it. I’ve been trying to ‘get inside a dog’s skin’ to imagine … Continue reading

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Why Must My Dog Keep Licking Me

Many of the people I go to strongly object to their dogs licking them. My response usually is, “well, you touch your dog with your hands whenever you feel like it. The dog doesn’t have hands. He can’t even talk … Continue reading

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Licking – Why do our dogs lick us?

Why do our dogs like to lick our faces? Is it because they love us? Is it because we taste good? Is it evolutionary to encourage regurgitation of food? Is it to pacify themselves or us? There seem to be … Continue reading

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