A dogs spine – key to a long healthy life?


Holistic veterinarian Dr. Peter Dobias in a YouTube video  is certain that a healthy spine and back is the key to our dog’s longevity. “Dogs are young as their spine is flexible’.  He says neck injuries or back injuries often result in paw licking or forearm licking and it may not be allergy at all”.

In this video we will learn which spinal segments are related to which each organ and how to keep your dog mobile, flexible and healthy.  Not only can we give our dogs a longer healthy mobile life but we can save money on vet fees too.

I have an elderly Labrador and have already ordered the Kong Zoom Groom he’s using.

Neck and back injuries cause muscle tightness which affects the nerve supply to a particular area of the body. Here are a few examples from his website:

  • front feet licking is frequently caused by a neck injury

  • forearm licking is caused by tightness in between the shoulder blades (often caused by a fall, neck trauma, excessive digging or swimming)

  • hind feet licking can be caused by tightness in the region of lumbar spine.

Tobias believes the spine is essential for the energy flow in the body and certain parts of the spine are connected to certain organs.  This video is fascinating as he demonstrates how he does the massage.

Chinese medicine talks of meridians and similarly likens them to an electrical wiring system. This system is the outward connection to the inner organs. A kink in one of the wires will interrupt the energy to that set of organs

Here is the story of a Jack Russell I helped a couple of years ago who licked himself obsessively. In the light of what I have now discovered, I shall be revisiting them.

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