Littermates – Let’s get TWO puppies!


Getting two puppies at the same time seems like a great idea says Sara Reusche in a blog about littermate syndrome. Dogs are social animals, and a dog who will be alone all day can easily turn to destructive behavior or become anxious. Two puppies can entertain each other and keep each other company.

So, what’s the problem with bringing home two puppies at once?

Sara says guide dog organisations stopped placing two puppies in the same household, despite the obvious financial savings and shortage of trained fosterers, because it always caused one puppy to become temperamentally unsuitable for work, even when both puppies started off as perfect candidates.

One of the puppies always becomes shy, even when both puppies started off as bold and outgoing. This is a huge problem, since it means that the shy puppy never reaches his or her potential.

I personally believe there could be rare exceptions to the rule with an experienced owner who is prepared to keep them apart much of the time, maybe even have them sleeping separately, and who frequently walks them and plays with them separately. They may even need to be fed separately so there is no competition. Unfortunately most of the the clients I go to didn’t know this and now it’s too late.

Pat Miller in The Whole Dog Journal has advice on what to do if you have adopted two puppies together. It basically says the same as I do, ‘to do everything with them separately – even crate them separately’

Here is the story of a couple of Boxers I went to, who although not actual littermates were puppies adopted at the same time which is much the same thing.

Theo Stewart, The Dog Lady

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