Is your dog jealous?


Is your dog feel jealousy?

It may depend upon our definition of jealousy. If a dog has a valuable resource (and it might by you) then he may not want another dog to have access to it.

It is now proven beyond all doubt by Dr. Gregory Berns that dogs do indeed feel emotions in a similar way to humans, an jealousy isn’t a comfortable feeling.

Here are a few basic tips if your dog growls or warns other dogs away from you (a common cause of in-fighting between family dogs).

  • If it is your own dogs, treat them as equally important individuals – call and reward and even walk separately from time to time. Just because you do something with one dog, don’t necessarily feel you must simultaneously do it with the other, but the other must get his share of attention. Be even-handed (no favouritism)
  • Don’t let a dog rule you – resist doing everything that he asks. Encourage independence. He should stand on his own four feet.
  • If there is any growling, lip curling or sign of aggression when your dog is by you or on you, immediately get up and walk away. Don’t behave like a resource of the dog’s!

Click here for more information int Dr. Berns’ research.

Here is one of the many stories of dogs that I have been to where where a dog is very possessive of a person.

Theo Stewart, The Dog Lady

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