Bangs – Is your dog terrified of sudden or loud noises?

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Some dogs, having heard one gunshot, refuse to go out on walks.

In Nicole Wilde’s book Hit By a Flying Wolf she says ‘most people don’t realise that dogs can have a genetic disposition to sound phobias, where the telltale behaviour doesn’t surface until something triggers it’.

Fear and panic cause a chemical reaction in the body whether it’s human or dog. Here is a concise little video about the chemistry of fear by Bitesize Science.

In areas I visit it’s not uncommon for dogs to go into panic at the sound of bird-scarers and gun shots. They refuse to go out for walks. Specially researched music can help your dog to cope, along with a lot of slow desensitisation work over a long period of time.

Here is the story of one of many dogs I have been to that are seriously frightened of going out because of bangs.

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